The wings of the web have spread all over the world. Online casinos and gambling websites have gained great reputation. Many people find online gambling a perfect form of entertainment. If you want to know more about online gambling in Australia, continue reading this.

Many Australians are aware of the traditional land based casinos. in fact, land based casinos are renowned amusement type in Australia. This is one of the main reasons that induce people to ask why online gambling is illegal in Australia.

Gambling services offered by casinos and sports are certified in Australia.  Hence, they have become a successful business in the country. The administration is getting benefits from the business. However, while considering whether online gambling is illegal in Australia, the thing is entirely different. As the gambling industry has moderate rules in Australia, people think that online gambling would also become authorized soon. However, the real thing is not so. The online gambling condition is very unusual in Australia, as far as the official issues are concerned.

Online Gambling in Australia- Is It Legal Or Not?

Whether online gambling is legal in Australia or not is a confusing matter. If you look at the details, they show that it is illegal for workers to offer online gambling opportunities for Australian residents. However, online gambling does not seem to be illegal in Australia from the point of view of players. Many Australians take part in online betting events. Consequently, Australian citizens cannot be accused for participating in online gambling events, though the Law prohibits the online gambling service providers to offer service to Australian residents.

The thing is quite different for online sports gambling. Unlike online gambling casinos, sports gambling online are acceptable in Australia. Gambling in horse races is one of the most popular online gambling options. Choices are available on other sports as well.

Why Online Gambling Is Unlawful In Australia?

Since the period of 1990’s, online casino websites have been available on the web. Australia seems to be a gambling friendly country. However, surprisingly discrepancy happened to online gaming activities. The reason for why online gambling is illegal in Australia does not seem to be right. However, there are many complexities regarding compliant events. The issues relating to license of traditional land based casinos and betting organization in Australia are more, so the administration gets a flow of credits constantly. However, when considering online gambling events, the condition is extremely difficult to deal with.

In 2001, the Interactive Gambling Act came into effect, making it illegal to offer online gambling services to Australian people. It is crucial to know that the act targets gambling service providers online and not the participating individuals.

If all these things are considered, it seems it is illegal to offer online gambling in Australia, no matter whether it is provided from abroad or from Australia itself. However, many online casinos accept Australian players, as the law does not accuse participants for playing at the online casino.