If you do not know already,Australiais counted as one of the most conducive locations for gambling. You will come across poker machines and various other kinds of gambling games at casinos, clubs and other popular spots. However, when it comes to online gambling, it is a different scenario altogether.

The history of Australian gambling policies

States and not the commonwealth were responsible for gambling policies inAustraliaearlier. However, once concerns were raised over the effects of this activity in the society, the Commonwealth started playing a more active role in policy making. Under the guidance of the Commonwealth, the Productivity Commission conducted an inquiry and the results weren’t positive.

As online gambling started becoming increasingly popular in the nation, the Commonwealth realized that the effects of gambling on the society were expected to be resounding. Revenue collection and regulatory procedures had serious implications. This led the federal government to pass a few laws in order to curb the negative effects of gambling.

The Interactive Gambling Act (2001)

The Interactive Gambling Act also known as IGA was passed in 2001. This act prevents customers fromAustraliafrom participating in interactive gaming. All interactive gaming service providers come under the purview of this act. This act remains irrespective of whether the company is based inAustraliaor otherwise.

Learn more about IGA

According to the Interactive Gabling Act (IGA), online gambling service providers are not allowed to provide customers access to interactive gambling services in the country. However, Australian citizens can still go ahead and participate in casino games on the internet. So it is safe to say that this law is towards operators and not the general public.

Again, by this law, establishing new online casinos inAustraliais illegal. However, existing online casinos which have been licensed and operational before 2001 can continue with their website.

You can also find many online casinos that take players fromAustralia.

All about Australian Sports Betting

Unlke online casinos, online betting on sports is completely legal inAustralia. You can find a lot of sports bookies that have been licensed by the government and are currently operational. Some of them include Sportingbet, Betfair and CentreBet. However, there are a few rules and regulations on betting inAustralia.

Lasseters Casino

Lassetters Casino and its online betting services enjoy the destinction of being the only legal online casino operational inAustralia. This company has a place in the Australian Stock Exchange and operates under the watchful eyes of the Northern Territory Government. Lasseters offers customers with a choice of three casinos that operate online. AusVegas and Lasseters Euro are two of these casinos that were launched in the year 2005. Lasseters Online Sportsbook is yet another similar endeavor by Lasseters Corporation.

The Productivity Commission Report 2010

By the Productivity Commission Report of 2010, the Australian Government has been suggested to alter the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 so online gambling is liberalized once again. The commission observed that the gambling sector plays a significant role in the economy of the nation. It also suggests that the problems of online gambling can be tackled with ease.

The 2010 Productivity Commission Report has recommended to the Australian Government that they amend the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 to allow them to liberalize online gambling. Sadly, the Australian Government hasn’t paid heed to the request and it looks like nothing much will change in the Australian gambling scene.

On the other hand, you can always find other online casinos that accept Australian players. Look through our list of casinos that operate online to pick up a great bonus today.